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Spyropoulos Clan
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Dino & Papou Eustratios
(on the road to Ayianni

Papou Eustratios
(on boat from Greece)

Papou Eustratios & Yiayia Angeliki (after church)


Vangie (top row, far left)
Paul (middle row, far left)
Chris (bottom row, far left)


Yiayia Angeliki


Paul, Athena, George, Vangie, Dino (top row)
Chris, Eustratios, Angeliki, Nick

Alice, Straton, Paul, Dino & Demetri

Barabara, Louie, Voula, Paul & Demetri


Dino & Alice

Alice & Dino

Dino & Alice


with newborn Demetri

Dino & Alice (ca. 1955)

Papou Eustratios, Yiayia Angeliki & Straton
Wynnewood, Pa. (ca. 1957)


Dino & infant Paul

Anna & Nick Chimes wedding
(Dino 3rd from right)

Alice & Paul

Straton & Paul on lawn chair


Straton, Paul & Alice


Paul 2 years old

Paul, Nouno Nick, Nouna Anna

Paul climbing stairs


Straton 2 years old

Straton, Alice & Paul 1958

Straton Jan. 1957


Straton Oct. 1958





Straton & Paul Jan. 1959

Straton, Demetri & Paul 1960


Straton & Paul Feb. 1958

Demetri, Paul & Straton climbing on Dino

Straton & Paul Jan. 1959




Straton & Paul Oct. 1958






Straton May 1960

Straton, Paul, Demetri & Perry 1963

Dino 1971


Paul, Tina & Straton Jan. 1959


Straton 1961


Aunt Vangie: martini or manhattan?

Demetri, Paul, Tina & Straton
Mimi's First Birthday 1960

Straton, Perry John, Alice, Demetri & Paul (hiding behind football)
Garrett Park, Md. (ca. 1963)


Paul, Perry John, Straton, Demetri, Angelica, Dr. Margaret Mary Nicholson & Tony
Yachnis Home (ca. 1975)

(photo by Perry John Spyropoulos)

Paul & Straton
(sporting chic robes)


Dino & Alice

Demetri, Paul, Straton, Perry & Dino

Happy 50th Anniversary Alice & Dino
Sept. 2005


Alex & Perry meet Laura & Thomas in St Albans

Spyropoulos cousins in St Albans

Paul's baptism
Alice, Dino, Straton, Nick Chimes, Paul, Anna Chimes
Phila., Pa. (ca. 1958)

Paul at Yachnis home

Perry John & Batman (Tony?)

Straton the Builder?

in the Yachnis back yard

in the Kalavritinos backyard

Straton 2nd birthday




Demetri 1962


Paul 1960


Perry John


Straton 1980s


Straton 1980s


Sellasia - Class of 1931


Dino & Vangie


Papou Eustratios, Paul, Yiayia Angeliki, Nick, Perry (sleeping), Dino, Straton, Demetri (rubbing eyes)
(at Sts. Constantine & Helen)


Demetri, Perry & Paul
Halicarnassus (1970 trip to Greece)


Paul, Dino & Alice
Halicarnassus (1970 trip to Greece)


Alice, Dino & Perry (in background)
Santorini (1970 trip to Greece)


Demetri & Paul
Santorini (1970 trip to Greece)




Dino - US Army WWII



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